About Hollywood Fitness

At Hollywood Fitness we don't just embrace our individuality, we celebrate it. Join us in the Health and Fitness Revolution.

Who We Are

Hollywood Fitness is unlike any training facility you have ever known. We are here to empower the people who need it most. From absolute beginners to veteran's of the gym . From Super Mom and Dad to elite athletes, we welcome you all with a smile and respect.

Personal Training

We're all unique, right? Well then your training and nutrition should be too. We engineer every aspect of your plan to suit your individual needs and provide the fun element that can sometimes go missing from training hard and eating well.

Small Group Training

Sometimes we need the company of our closest friends and family on our journey. Small Group Training will allow you to forge ahead towards optimal health and fitness with the help of your nearest and dearest.

Open Classes

These Classes are in a league of their own when it comes to providing a fat burning, sweat inducing, muscle taxing training session with like minded people. There's nothing quite like the feeling of a group of Heroes pushing forward toward a common goal.


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Connect With Us

This is where we hang out, share stuff and be ridiculous. Come join in…