Clearing The Fog........

Wednesday Words of Wisdom #137

Guy goes on his holidays to sunny Bundoran one July about 9 years ago.

He heads to the local pub one night to satisfy his thirst.

Around about 2am, he staggers to the door to leave when the barman shouts after him that there’s a thick fog come in and ‘you can’t see your hand in front of your face in it.’

Barman gives him an old walking stick that he has in lost and found and tells him to tap it along the ground so he can find his way around, you know, like a blind persons walking aid?

The guy goes on out into the fog and gets on marvellously, can’t see a damn thing but the stick idea seems to be working a treat.

After about 15 minutes the stick stops hitting anything in front of him so the man stops immediately, fearing he has wandered off in the direction of the coast and is now on the edge of a dangerous clifftop.

He taps frantically with the stick but strikes nothing below him. Petrified, he decides not to move one inch and to remain there until the fog clears for fear of falling to his death. He sits down in his spot and doses off.

He awakes in the morning and the fog starts to lift.

He finds himself sitting in the middle of main street with a walking stick beside him. The end had broken off!!

Moral of the story? You don’t know what you don’t know folks.

The guy in the story assumed that he was in mortal danger when in fact he was perfectly safe, albeit stuck in nasty fog.

How many times have you acted on false assumptions in your life?

You read in a glossy magazine about some new celebrity detox and decide that this MUST be the way to lose that spare tyre only to spend the next 4 days sitting on the toilet emptying yourself of every fluid you ingested since your holy communion.

You see some Spandex covered Barbie doll bating about doing backflip box jump burees with a kettlebell and because she’s in ferocious shape, you think that this too could get you the body og your dreams.

You don’t know what you don’t know, my friend.

I’m not here this week just to point out that you don’t know some stuff folks.

I’m here today to urge you to take the time to educate yourself a little on the basics of healthy living.

Read up a little on diet and nutrition, from a reputable source mind you, none of those Daily Mail scare tactic articles, thank you very much.

Do a little research and self experimentation into how you move. Read up on the benefits and drawbacks of different types of exercise and make an informed choice about what it is you want to pursue to get your kicks.

You are the man in the fog, don’t stagger around aimlessly but don’t just sit there hoping for the best either.

Consider this article to be your lighthouse, shining bright in the fog so you know which direction to head.

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