If You're Happy and You Know It........

Wednesday Words of Wisdom #139

Jaysus, its tara the wee things that make us happy.

I think I’m becoming more attuned to this craic as I get older. I know for damn sure a 21 year old me didn’t think like I do now. All I was interested in was mayhem and madness.

It took a lot of effort to make me happy back then.

Not any more.

I had a few minutes spare the other morning before I hit the road for work, so I washed out the empty baby bottles in the sink and left them to dry by the side. Took me 3-4 minutes max. No big deal.

Later that evening, Shannon remarked at how she could have kissed me when she got up with Rose and the bottles had already been cleaned and ready for sterilising, one less thing for her to do in an already busy oul day with a baby.

Rose hadn’t slept great and as a result, either had Shannon. Something as simple as having the bottles washed and ready to go was a big thing for her and the fact that she remarked on me doing it for her made me feel really good inside.

So what? Big deal, I hear you cry.

Fair enough, but sit your ground another minute so we can take a closer look at this.

My simple actions made Shannon happy and helped her out, in the tiniest way. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my Wife happy. End result? Washing the bottles in the morning now actually makes ME happy!

Weird, isn’t it? But now that I know all of these little things, you can be damn sure that I’ll be washing those baby bottles every morning.

The satisfaction that it gives me is great.

Now, had Shannon just told me to wash the bottles every morning I would have still done it but the satisfaction wouldn’t have been the same. It would have been just another chore.

The positive association of helping out my partner and making her life a little easier is what I needed to make an otherwise mundane chore something I actively look forward to doing.

You’re starting to think I’m going saft in the head, yes? Well, you could be right, but stick with me another wean a minutes.

Training. Imagine if the ultimate result or feeling you got from your training was one of pleasure and happiness. Now, try to imagine a very real scenario where you think that this could happen. Think of a method of training, an activity or a sport that makes you genuinely happy. That right there is your key to the whole ‘consistency in fitness’ conundrum.

Diet. Lets take the above scenario and apply it to how you eat. A little trickier, I’ll give you that. Sure wouldn’t we all be happy eating big jam doughnuts and wheaten bread by the loaf? I would argue that it would be a novelty for a while, but it would soon wear off. Sooner or later we’d start to feel the ill affects and we’d be craving a bit of actual nutrition. The key here (don’t tell anyone because its a massive secret between ye and thee) is to find the balance. Find that sweet spot that allows you to cruise toward your goals and still enjoy those hedonistic foods from time to time. I told you it was trickier, I didn’t say it was impossible.

When something makes you happy you’re more inclined to do it often, that’s what I’m banging on about. I know, you’re thinking I could have gotten to the point a lot sooner.

Well, I enjoy spinning yarns.

Hence the reason I write this every week.

And we come full circle.

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